Tranzforma Powerchair/ Mobility Scooter


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  • Comfortable swivel and slide seat
  • Angle adjustable fold up arm rests
  • Angle adjustable tiller
  • Automatic braking system
  • Free-wheeling lock and puncture proof tyres
  • Smooth user friendly joy stick
  • Front storage basket and under seat storage
  • Dual drink holder
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Weight capacity 136kg
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The Tranzforma has been engineered for indoor functionality and maneuverability, but within seconds it can be converted from a power chair to a compact mobility scooter, making it perfect for outdoor use too.

This combination has so many great features from its lightweight, long-life lithium battery, to simple features such as a dual drink holder and a comfortable slide able swivel seat. It has great under the seat storage as well as a front carry basket on the scooter.

The quiet, seamless motor and puncture proof tyres will keep you moving both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with bright LED headlights, an automatic braking system, a free-wheeling lock, a smooth, user friendly joy stick and a USB charging port.

The fold up, angle adjustable arm rests, angle adjustable tiller and the sliding swivel seat all provide maximum comfort as well as an easy mount and dismount.

Weight capacity of 136kg.

Available in blue, red, silver, white or yellow.

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