Star Stabil-Air Cell Cushion - 53x49x10cm


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The Stabil-Air Cell Cushion is the perfect blend of multi air cells with contoured soft foam cylinders within each air cell. There is taller foam around the outside and shorter foam for the leg troughs, the buttocks and the coccyx.

  • Built-in soft foam cylinders adapted in height
  • Stable
  • Easy handling
  • Good envelopment and low tissue deformation
  • Ease of transfer to and from the cushion
  • 3 height sizes available: 5, 7, 10cm - the higher the cells the better pressure redistribution properties
  • 530x490x100mm - Suits seat width 49-54cm and seat depth 45-50cm

Other sizes are available. Contact us to enquire 1300 368 085