Cobalt Gel Comfort Cushion


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  • Medium to high pressure care rating
  • Air cell beta gel keeps the cushion cool and ventilated
  • Beta gel protects skin and encourages optimal blood flow
  • Single Layer 25mm or Dual Layer 50mm available
  • Both the cushion and the removable cover can be washed
  • 3 sizes and colours to choose from


The Cobalt Gel Comfort Cushion features patented dual 3D honeycomb and air cell beta gel technology that keeps the cushion cool and ventilated while dispersing pressure on areas prone to discomfort and pressure sores, as well as assisting in optimal blood flow.

This cushion is designed for easy cleaning for continued use, the cover is machine washable and the gel insert can be washed at temperatures up to 50 degrees.

Available in three different sizes:

Large, Single Layer - 460 x 420 x 25mm

Large, Dual Layer - 460 x 420 x 50mm

Extra Large, Dual Layer - 550 x 500 x 50mm

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