Everest Mobility Scooter

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  • Safety turning sensors and a safety park brake
  • High back seat for maximum comfort
  • Seat post suspension for a smooth ride
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • High ground clearance for easy navigation over rough terrain
  • Digital dash
  • Great turning circle
  • Available in orange and silver
  • Weight capacity 203kg
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The Everest Mobility Scooter is equipped with an array of safety and comfort features, it is the #1 choice with its modern look and finish.

Featuring a high back seat with post suspension, a digital display, safety turning sensors, a safety park brake, independent front suspension as well as adjustable front and rear suspension and a USB charging point.

The Everest cruises up difficult inclines and with clearance to spare it navigates over rough terrain with ease. Equipped with a class leading turning circle and a powerful high torque motor and gearbox this robust scooter can go anywhere.

Weight capacity of 203kg.

Available in orange or silver.

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