ADL Bed/Chair Raisers


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  • Raise beds or chairs
  • Easier for transferring in and out
  • 40mm or 100mm raise
  • Made from tough, durable plastic
  • Stackable for increased height
  • Compatible non slip inserts and leg biscuits for larger furniture are also available

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The ADL Bed/Chair Raisers are made from a tough plastic, designed for raising chairs and beds to make getting in and out easier. The raisers can be stacked on top of each other to increase the height. 

  • Optional ADL Bed/Chair Raiser Mats available to avoid slipping (SKU: BRO15-2). Sold separately.
  • Optional ADL Bed/Chair Raiser Biscuit for legs that are too large (SKU: BRO15-7). Sold separately.