Toilet Aids

Toilet Aids assist those who have difficulty getting on and off the toilet providing a sense of independence for those private moments.

Toilet Night Light
  • Provides light 
  • Reducing the risk of falls and accidents
  • Light and motion activated
  • 8 colour choices
  • Provides colour contrast for those with dementia

Powerup Toilet Lift
  • Powered toilet lift/over toilet aid
  • Easy one button click for lift movement
  • Suitable for use over the toilet or used in a bedroom as a commode
  • Non-slip feet
  • Backrest included
  • Battery indicator
  • Pail with lid included
  • Approx 100 lifts per charge
  • Large capacity lithium battery
  • Weight capacity 200kg

RM Compact Over Toilet Aid
  • Simple tool-free assembly
  • Easy to dismantle for storage or transportation
  • Height adjustable
  • Non-slip rubber tips
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Lightweight rust proof aluminium frame
  • Weight capacity 110kg

RM Lightweight Over Toilet Aid
  • Privacy lid and splash guard included
  • Easily removable seat
  • “S” bend side frame provides maximum space
  • Large rubber suction ferrule to avoid slipping
  • Heavy duty aluminium frame
  • Weight capacity 160kg

Skandia Over Toilet Aid
  • Free standing frame
  • Durable hammertone scratch resistant finish
  • Integral arms for easy transfer
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Splash guard included
  • Weight capacity 150kg

Folding Over Toilet Aid
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact for travel and storage
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Bucket and lid included
  • Non-slip ferrules
  • Weight capacity 100kg

RM Bariatric Over Toilet Aid
  • Wider seat for increased comfort
  • Modesty cover, splash guard and pail included
  • Height adjustable
  • Large suction cups to avoid slipping
  • Weight capacity 305kg

Ashford Toilet Frame Surround
  • Toilet frame surround for help getting on and off the toilet
  • Moulded arms for improved grip
  • Height and width adjustable
  • Double front bar for strength
  • Epoxy coated frame
  • Weight capacity 190kg

Broadstairs Adjustable Toilet Surround - Rehab and Mobility
Broadstairs Adjustable Toilet Surround
  • Height and width adjustable
  • Double transform bar for added strength
  • Moulded support arms provide improved grip
  • Dismantles easily for storage and transportation
  • Fits most toilet suites
  • Coated with a tough anti-scratch finish
  • Weight capacity 190kg

RM Toilet Surround
  • Height adjustable hand grip
  • Rubber tips to avoid slips
  • Fits most toilet suites
  • Made from durable aluminium
  • 2 widths available
  • Weight capacity 130kg

Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • 3 height settings
  • Includes lid
  • Soft padded flip up arm rest
  • Removable handle bars
  • Smooth aperture interior for easy clean
  • Will fit most toilets
  • Weight capacity 136kg

Peak Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • 3 height settings
  • Includes lid
  • Flip up arm rest
  • Easy clean
  • Will fit most toilets
  • Weight capacity 120kg

Padded Raised Toilet Seat - Rehab and Mobility
Padded Raised Toilet Seat
  • Offers a more comfortable and cushioned toilet seat
  • Ideal for users recovering from surgery
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with the majority of toilet seats
  • Removable cover is easy to clean

Raised Toilet Seat
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Large aperture and front cutaway
  • Will fit most toilets
  • Available with or without lid
  • Smooth aperture interior for easy clean
  • 3 raised heights to choose from
  • Weight capacity 190kg

Bottom Wiper
  • Helps to maintain personal hygiene
  • Avoids uncomfortable reaching and stretching
  • Discreet and easy to use
  • Simple push button mechanism
  • Soft grip handle

Etac Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs
  • Tongs for toilet paper, cloths and small towels
  • Can be disinfected and withstand boiling water
  • Ideal for users with weakened grip and limited mobility
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Essex Bedside Commode
  • Padded back
  • Detachable padding over seat
  • Height adjustable
  • 5 litre pail with lid supplied
  • Hinged thermoset plastic toilet seat
  • Can be dismantled for transportation or storage
  • Weight capacity 154kg

Folding Commode
  • Simple folding commode designed for easy storage
  • 7 litre pail with lid
  • Lightweight, portable and folds flat
  • Maximum user weight 130kg

Bucket with Lid for RM Lightweight Over Toilet Aid
  • Bucket with Lid for the RM Lightweight Over Toilet Aid
  • 6L capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean

Bucket with Lid for Skandia Over Toilet Aid / Bewl Shower Commode
  • Fits both Skandia Over Toilet Aid and Bewl Shower Commode
  • Bucket with lid and handle
  • 7L capacity
  • Easy to clean

Over Toilet Aid Lid - Skandia
  • Fits Skandia Over Toilet Aid
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy clip on and off

Bucket with Lid - Essex Commode - Rehab and Mobility
Bucket with Lid for Essex Bedside Commode
  • Bucket with Lid compatible with Essex Bedside Commode
  • 5L capacity
  • Easy to clean

Splashguard for Folding Over Toilet Aid
Optional splashguard for the Folding Over Toilet Aid (SKU: C8560-A-FX) *Splashguard only* To replace bucket and lid 
Bariatric Static Commode
  • Durable powder coated steel frame
  • Height adjustable
  • Moulded contoured seat
  • Clip off seat for easy clean
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Foam covered back rest
  • Weight capacity 226kg