Budget Range Canopy
  • Provides shade and shelter
  • Waterproof and suitable for use outdoors
  • Made in Australia

Budget Range Canopy and Rear Bag
  • Canopy provides shade and shelter
  • Includes a heavy duty rear bag
  • Waterproof and suitable for outdoor use
  • Made in Australia

Sun Canopy with Bag
  • Waterproof canopy and bag suitable for outdoor use
  • Provides shade and shelter
  • Heavy duty, rip resistant bag
  • Made in Australia

Canopy with Bag and Flag
  • Canopy, bag and flag
  • Fits majority of scooters equipped with a square bracket receiver
  • Water resistant and suitable for use outdoors

Scooter Weather Protection Cover - Rehab and Mobility
Scooter Raincoat
  • Suitable for year round use
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Comfortable elasticated cuffs
  • Pack away hood

ScooterPac Canopy - Rehab and Mobility
ScooterPac Canopy
  • Withstands up to 96.5 km/h winds
  • Waterproof fabric perfect for outdoor use
  • High clarity windscreen
  • Can be folded back behind the seat when not in use
  • Compatible with mobility scooters of standard size
  • Suits all single pole seat brackets

Scooter Tiller Cover - Rehab and Mobility
Scooter Tiller Cover
  • Ideal for keeping hands and controls dry and warm
  • Fits majority of scooters
  • Transparent allowing user to view controls clearly
  • Folds into a small size for storage
  • Quick and easy to fit

Tiller Weather Protector
  • Provides protection from the elements to the control panel section of the tiller
  • Easily attached with velcro
  • Durable clear plastic
  • Front safety reflector strip

Scooter Weather Cover - Rehab and Mobility
Scooter Weather Cover
    • Keeps your scooter dry and protected
    • 100% waterproof
    • Easy to use - elasticated cover slips on with ease
    • Lightweight yet strong fabric for great durability
    • Folds up to store away neatly when not in use
    • Available in 2 sizes

    Scooter Walker Holder
    • Provides convenient storage and transport of a walker when not in use
    • Durable and long lasting
    • Compatible with most scooters
    • Fits to the rear bracket of the scooter 

    Scooter Rear Bag
    • 46L capacity
    • High quality heavy duty fabric
    • Waterproof and suitable for use outdoors
    • Heat insulated

    Scooter Cargo Trailer with Cover
    • 72L capacity
    • Removable cover included
    • Compatible with most scooters with a square tube receiver
    • Shock-resistant recyclable plastic
    • Heavy duty

    Wheely Bin Mate
    • Allows for easy and convenient transport of your wheelie bin
    • Easily fits on the rear of the scooter
    • Compatible with most scooters

    Scooter Safety Flag - Rehab and Mobility
    Scooter Safety Flag
    • Provides a safer ride
    • Helps to make pedestrians and drivers aware of your scooter
    • Fits most scooters
    • Bright orange colour for better visibility

    RM Plastic Buckle Seat Belt
    • Lap strap to fit to the majority of wheelchairs
    • Additional security for wheelchair
    • Easily fitted with eyelet attachments
    • Fully adjustable
    • High quality materials

    Metal Buckle Seat Belt
    • Lap strap to fit to the majority of wheelchairs and scooters
    • Additional security for wheelchair or scooter
    • Metal, press button buckle
    • Easily fitted with eyelet attachments
    • Fully adjustable
    • High quality materials
    • Available in 2 different lengths


    Scooter Crutch Bag - Rehab and Mobility
    Scooter Crutch Bag
    • Generous sized bag for carrying items safely whilst using your scooter
    • Carry handle and adjustable straps with buckles
    • Large zipped top closure
    • Zipped pockets plus long slot for crutches, walking sticks, or similar
    • Water resistant
    • Padded and fully lined for a secure and durable finish
    • Raised rubber feet on the base keep the bottom of the bag dry when it's resting on the floor
    • Maximum load 12kg

    Pannier Bag - Rehab and Mobility
    Pannier Bag
    •  Enables scooter/ wheelchair users to safely carry more
    •  Fits most standard left or right armrests
    •  Compact, secure storage space for smaller items
    •  Sturdy carry handle, plus wide fastening strip on rear
    •  Large zipped top closure, interior zipped pocket plus 2 exterior pockets
    •  Weight capacity 12kg

    Wheelchair Seat Belt - Rehab and Mobility
    Aidapt Seat Belt
    • Provides additional security for wheelchair and scooter users
    • Easily fitted
    • Fully adjustable
    • Fits the majority of scooters and wheelchairs
    • High quality materials

    Easy Edge Rubber Threshold Ramp
    • Ideal solution for allowing access for wheelchair/scooter users via interior and exterior doors
    • Also safe for use in roll-in showers and wet rooms
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Maximum slip resistance and generous weight limit
    • Available in 5 different sizes
    • Durable recycled rubber with a 10 year guarantee


    Folding Suitcase Ramp
    • Suitable for the majority of wheelchairs and scooters
    • Provide access to cars and buildings for wheelchair and scooter users
    • Non slip and safe for all weather use
    • Raised side walls for safety
    • Strong carrying handles
    • Easy to use security locks
    • Tri-fold design; easy to use, store and transport
    • Weight capacity 272kg

    Ramp Roll Up Aluminium 900mm - Rehab and Mobility
    Roll Up Ramp
    • Easy access to houses and vehicles
    • Ideal for wheelchairs or scooters
    • Portable, compact design is quick to install
    • Supplied with a handy carry bag
    • Rolls up for easy transport
    • Weight capacity 300kg

    Lightweight Suitcase Ramp
    • Suitable for the majority of scooters, wheelchairs and rollators
    • Provides access to vehicles and buildings
    • Safety all-weather tread and raised side walls
    • Security locks for safety and convenience
    • Sturdy carry handle
    • Lightweight design is easy to use and transport
    • Available in 3ft or 5ft lengths
    • Weight capacity 272kg

    Affinity Lightweight  HD Suitcase Ramp - Rehab and Mobility
    Affinity Suitcase Ramp
    • Allows access to indoors and vehicles for wheelchairs, scooters and rollators
    • Milled safety treads and raised side walls for added safety
    • Convenient carry handle
    • Lightweight suitcase folding design for easy storage and transport
    • Weight capacity 300kg

    Telescopic Channel Ramp
    • Provides access to cars and homes for wheelchair, scooter and rollator users
    • Non slip gritted surface for increased grip
    • Lightweight robust construction
    • Compact design with carry bag for ease of transport
    • Available in 4 different sizes
    • Weight capacity 180kg