Beds and Mattress'

Community/nursing hospital style beds to more modern designed electric beds all suitable for aged care facilities, hospitals or even perfect for the home.
Memory Foam Mattress

This 3 core Memory Foam Mattress is made up of 3 different high quality foam types. The base later is a 35D grade foam, support layer is a 30D grade foam and the top layer being a 60D grade heavy duty memory foam. This mattress maximises immersion and envelopment of body to achieve maximum contact. Providing comfort and passive pressure relief, protecting against ulcers and pressure sores.

MBA100 - Rehab and Mobility
BodyAdjust Sleep System

MultiWay offers the latest tehnologies in the BodyAdjust Sleep System with a bed designed to fit nicely within the home environment. Offering multiple positioning options to assist with independence, improved sleep quality and comfort.  With a number of size options and two mattress choices, there is a bed to suit most requirements.

Houghton Community Bed

The Houghton 11 function hospital bed is an electronically actuated acute care bed which is appropriate for adult patient care allowing the patient to adjust their own position in the bed, if required. The bed can be fitted with Houghton Bed Rails, the Houghton IV Pole and the Houghton Lifting Pole. Trendelenburg & reverse trendelenburg positioning, along with the CPR release are two great features of this bed. Powered by mains supply with 24V DC battery backup. Safe working load is 235kg and maximum patient weight is 200kg. One year warranty on parts and labour. Three years warranty on mechanism.